Sterling Silver Green Amber Oval Ring

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Amber by Graciana Sterling Silver Green Amber Oval Ring, Size 7 Average rating: , based on reviews from USD99.98 to USD99.98
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Sterling Silver Green Yellow Amber Oval Ring

Sterling Silver Green Yellow Amber Oval Ring , selling for $69.98 brand new. Manufactured by Amber by Graciana. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Amber needs correct care, as it is soft and organic material. If it falls on a hard surface amber stone may crack or scratch. Amber may melt if exposed to high temperature.
  • Some bright colors of amber, which we have decided to offer you, such as blue, green, purple green, red, pink have a special refinement and bottom is covered with waterproof varnish, though at very frequent contact with water, or by mechanical action, they can acquire a different hue.

Most of our amber found in Baltic sea area. Baltic sea considered to have biggest deposits of amber and quality of gemstone in this region is better than in any other location. Besides Baltic region there are large deposits of amber in Dominican republic, Columbia and Africa.

Sterling Silver Green Yellow Amber Oval Ring

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